Intranet application development

We develop and maintain intranet applications for clients based in the UK.

We can help out during all the stages of intranet application development - from strategy, requirements capture, paper/html prototyping, specification, information architecture and usability; to server and client side development, SQL Server or Oracle databases, accessibility, web standards and technical deployment.

An intranet application development project will include some or all of the following steps:

  1. Initial discussions about the goals of your application, who the intended audience is, etc. From our base in Kent, the high-speed rail link gets us to anywhere close to London in double-quick time.
  2. We write a proposal document, sketching out general ideas for the intranet application and estimating costs and timescales:
    Sketches of ideas for intranet application development
    Sketches of ideas for intranet application development
  3. We sign a contract (between client and developer) to ensure all parties know their responsibilities and what is expected of them. We like to use a secure extranet to improve communications during the project and will provide a project programme setting out key stages and deliverables:
    Project programme for intranet application development
  4. A paper prototype is a quick and efficient way of working out the key templates and important workflows of the intranet application:
    Paper prototype for intranet application development
    Paper prototype for intranet application development
  5. If the project would benefit, we will also provide a written functional specification document. In the past, we ahve integrated our applications with a host of oother software, e.g. Active Directory, Exchange, ProjectMINDER and OpenAsset.
  6. Once the prototype and functional specification are signed off, we retreat to our Kent-based lair to develop the intranet application. We provide regular progress updates during this stage:
    Project progress report for intranet application development
  7. When it is ready, we distribute links and security access to the intranet application to key client stakeholders for testing.
  8. When everyone is happy with it, we launch the intranet web application.
  9. We can provide ongoing support for intranet application via secure remote access to the client's network.


If you would like to discuss the development of your intranet application with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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