Blog archive: April 2007

Quantifying scope creep by code analysis

I gave StatSVN a whirl after Alistair recommended it a while back. It's a nifty tool that analyzes Subversion repositories and returns aggregated statistics and graphs. All very interesting and great stuff for a left-brain dominant stats obsessive like me. However, it was recently very useful in helping me convince a client that their change control requirements were maybe going too far.

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Google bashes enterprise CMS

I must say, I tend to agree with Google's attack on Enterprise CMS systems for being difficult to use and generally behind their consumer-focused counterparts.

The sad fact is that a lot of CMS interfaces are clunky and very confusing. These kinds of systems (similar to intranet applications) do not have the same competitive pressures - it is much more difficult and costly to move to a different CMS platform than it is to use a different search engine - and often the user interface suffers as a result.

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Automatic backups with Subversion

Just thought I would quickly share a pretty powerful way of backing up subversion repositories.

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