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The atomic unit of attention

I'm a big fan of, a web application that records what music I listen to and can then find people with similar musical tastes as me. I have set up iTunes on my PC to automatically send data about what music I play, and I get all sorts of interesting information from it.

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Website development - it's a broad church

I have just written an article that goes through the various different applications and technologies used on this website and explains a bit about them.

What I thought would be a pretty quick exercise turned into a much longer task than I expected - who'd have thought that a little site like this could involve so many things? I was surprised, but its been good to remind myself of exactly what is involved in professional web development and what differentiates us from a lot of equivalently-sized suppliers.

New CRM system rolled out

We're pleased to announce that the final installation of the Sheppard Robson CRM application went well and the system is now up and running on the client's intranet.

The application scrutinises some of the ideas we have used in previous developments and strips them down to produce a very simple yet powerful interface that is seamlessly integrated with the client's existing systems. We're looking forward to seeing how the initial stages of real-world usage progress. Fingers crossed!

More Subversion statistics goodness

After the rip-roaring success of our initial forays with StatSVN, we thought how convenient it would be to have these useful statistics generated automatically.

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Help - London Underground can predict my movements

A very disturbing email has just dropped into my inbox, informing me of an upcoming tube closure:

"On Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 May, Camden Town station will be closed for essential modernisation work. During this closure, you will not be able to enter or exit Camden Town station, however, you will be able to change branches of the Northern line if required."

This is all well and good, but made quite scary by the fact that I had just finalised the details of a meeting with a client in Camden, on the 8th. I work from home. I probably use the tube about 5 times a month. How in the hell did they know I'd be wanting to use Camden Town tube that day?

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