Blog archive: June 2007 Normaliser updated

I have just updated the normaliser application to add a few new features, including album charts and different time periods. Full update history here. Normaliser - a mashup with Musicbrainz

After grumbling about the way calculates artist rankings, I realised that in the age of open data it shouldn't be too much hassle to knock together a little application to apply the normalisation calculation I discussed.

The application takes a username and recalculates the ranking based on an estimate of the amount of time you have spent listening to an artist, rather than the number of tracks played. It uses the excellent MusicBrainz web services to calculate an artist's average track length. Why not give it a whirl.

Are Apple breaking their own HCI Guidelines?

Following last week's launch of Apple's Safari browser for windows, I've noticed the continuation of a pattern that I was hoping would stop with iTunes for Windows. Why on earth do Apple insist on using a non-standard window chrome design, making the buttons much smaller?

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The new London 2012 brand

I'm not really sure what to think of the recently unveiled new logo for the London 2012 Olympic games. The official view is that "The new emblem is dynamic, modern and flexible". When I first saw it, I thought it looked fractured and chaotic.

To be fair, I suppose its resemblance to a Grimsby Street tag gives it some urban edginess, but the promotional video looks like the opening credits to an eighties children's television show to me. You remember - back when we encouraged children to be active and before we'd sold off all their playing fields to property developers.

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