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I can always tell when the USA is on holiday...

... it takes a lot less time to read through all my RSS feed subscriptions. I reckon there has been about a fifth of the usual volume of posts today.

I like the idea of Thanksgiving - a family holiday with no stress over gifts, no dogma and no jingly music.

Paperwork required to buy an Apple iPhone from O2 on a business tariff

It took me two visits - maybe this list can save someone else the hassle of multiple trips:

  • Blank company letterhead - and you then write down a list of what you have ordered on it for them. This was required for a limited company (and its omission was why I had to go back)
  • Proof of trading with address - I used a company bank statement
  • Company debit/credit card
  • Driving licence
  • PAC code from previous network (if porting an existing number across)

How do we add gravity to software?

"When you blow something up by a factor of one hundred, it gets weaker by a factor of one hundred. If you try to build a cathedral that way, it just collapses into a pile of rubble." - Alan Kay

Having spent time as both a "Software Engineer" and a Structural Engineer, I am always interested when key industry figures start comparing the two disciplines. Alan Kay's insight into one of the fundamental problems with software reminded me of the arguments over the use of the word "Engineering" for software.

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