Blog archive: July 2008 Normaliser - one year on

Our normaliser application recently celebrated its first birthday, and we're pretty pleased that not only has it lasted this long, but it still seems to be going strong. In that year, it has served up over a quarter of a million charts and now has over 215,000 albums in its cache.

It has been very interesting to compare usage with coverage - while most of our referrals come from itself, this article in Read Write Web, a link from Tom Coates and the launch of's directory of external applications all provided some welcome spikes in traffic.

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Northdoor website and CMS launched

After months of hard work, we are very happy that Northdoor's new website and its supporting CMS are up and running. The clean and professional visual design is supported by standards-compliant coding, integration with and RSS.

The CMS is pretty clever too, supporting unlimited hierarchical pages, granular administrator permissions, full versioning and rollback, image management, microsites and all sorts of other modern time-saving devices.

We look forward to seeing how the new system will help the site grow, and hope Northdoor's users will reap the benefits of all the team's hard work.

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