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Our latest project with Sheppard Robson gets some press

The current issue of Construction Industry News (Feb 09) includes a great interview with Nick Dunn, IT Manager for Sheppard Robson. In the interview, Nick goes into some of the background behind the intranet we built for Sheppard Robson, and explains its impact:

"We have a dedicated team of seven IT and CAD management personnel across our three offices and in terms of our most significant recent developments we have just launched a new company intranet, which was a major project that we were able to deliver on time and to budget."

"In terms of the motivation behind this initiative, when I joined in August 2007 the company's intranet was looking a bit tired and was being underused but since the overhaul our members of staff have been able to keep track of all of the latest developments and the communication streams within the group are now very much improved."

"One of the other key drivers behind the project was to incorporate a search engine that could help us to tap into the wealth of technical information that we have on the site and the feedback we have had since going live with this has been fantastic."

- Construction Industry News, February 2009, p73

You know you're an ageing geek when... watch a video by the next big thing in pop music and concentrate on the gadget rather than the fetching young lady or the tune.

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