Blog archive: October 2009

Setting up Apache monitoring with Munin

After a few solid days of Linux server wrangling, I found getting Munin to monitor our Apache server more hassle than I thought it would be.

Salient system details:

  • Ubuntu Hardy
  • Nginx web server (port 80) proxy
  • Apache web server (port 8080)

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New-look Normalisr launched

Hooray! It's live! Your all-new "Normalisr" experience can now boast the following improvements:

  • A new URL -
  • A slick new design, including gig photographs
  • Thumbnail views of artist and album charts
  • The ability to manually find artists and albums that come from without a proper Musicbrainz ID - we're hoping that this will improve the accuracy of your charts
  • Proper Unicode support (fingers crossed!)
  • A graphical widget of your artist chart to add to your blog or profile

We hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, feedback or issues to report, please use the feedback form.

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