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Paperwork required to buy an Apple iPhone from O2 on a business tariff

It took me two visits - maybe this list can save someone else the hassle of multiple trips:

  • Blank company letterhead - and you then write down a list of what you have ordered on it for them. This was required for a limited company (and its omission was why I had to go back)
  • Proof of trading with address - I used a company bank statement
  • Company debit/credit card
  • Driving licence
  • PAC code from previous network (if porting an existing number across)

Are Apple breaking their own HCI Guidelines?

Following last week's launch of Apple's Safari browser for windows, I've noticed the continuation of a pattern that I was hoping would stop with iTunes for Windows. Why on earth do Apple insist on using a non-standard window chrome design, making the buttons much smaller?

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