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def spawnChildProcess(new_baby, *args)

I've been very busy this year, but not got much work done...

Atticus Robert David Perdeaux. Practising the Mexican Wave with his Dad.

More pics...

You know you're an ageing geek when... watch a video by the next big thing in pop music and concentrate on the gadget rather than the fetching young lady or the tune.

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I can always tell when the USA is on holiday...

... it takes a lot less time to read through all my RSS feed subscriptions. I reckon there has been about a fifth of the usual volume of posts today.

I like the idea of Thanksgiving - a family holiday with no stress over gifts, no dogma and no jingly music.

"Eco" own goal

I've just taken delivery of my latest bunch of stuff from Amazon, and I can't help but feel a bit irked with the mangled way that environmental responsibility is used in marketing nowadays.

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Blogging - social phenomenon or cultural niche for idiots?

I had a pretty weird night last night. My wife and I went along to an event at the London Word Festival, ostensibly a comedy night themed around technology featuring comedians who blog. There were some good names there, particularly Richard Herring and Simon Munnery, and having been to see Saul Williams and le Sac vs Pip the night before, we were ready for a good night.

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Where's the emergency Sex Pistols when you need it?

I don't know if it is a sign of getting older, but I am finding myself getting increasingly hacked off with the gangs of kids on buses, listening to loud music through the speakers of their mobile phones.

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