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Some ideas for redesigning this website

Some ideas for redesigning this website

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Having fun with widows

It's amazing the little details your mind sometimes fixates upon when you're deeply into an intense coding phase. I'm currently building a news aggregator interface, and just can't make a seemingly trivial decision regarding headline typography.

The issue is all about widows - single words that appear on their own when text wraps onto multiple lines. Design-wise, these are bad. So I've been using the rather nifty typogrify extension to Django that makes it very simple to replace the final space in a block of dynamic text with a " " so you don't need to worry about the final word wrapping onto its own line.

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Finally completed the full set...

I finally made the full shield...

It took a few months, but I finally got freshly-minted versions to complete the jigsaw. I really quite like the new "tails" designs.

December, and the web geek advent calendar is back

24ways is back again this year, and already has some varied and useful tips and tricks for developer/designers.

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Inspirational stuff from one of the masters

The Design Museum is generally a good way to spend an hour or two, and will often provide a little bit of inspiration or extra motivation. Their current exhibition about Richard Rogers Architects is one the of the best they've had for a few years - full of incredible architectural models and renderings of some of the world's most impressive structures.

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Design detail - pencils


I've just bought myself some new pencils and quite like these little twisty things on the barrel. It lets you indicate what type of lead you have loaded the pencil up with. I'm a standard HB kinda guy nowadays, but these would have been very useful in my engineering days, when I'd switch to a 2H for particularly difficult tasks.

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