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Smile - you're on Google Maps

Google have just launched Street view in the UK, which gives pretty informative street-level photographs as part of their mapping service. Funny little cars with weird rigs attached to them were scooting round London all last summer, capturing the photographs.

Of course, if you see one of those cars, chances are you may appear in the photographs they take. My wife remembered a particular location where we saw one last summer, and we've tracked ourselves down, strolling back home from a trip to Broadway Market in Hackney:

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Which actually feels a bit strange. We've been Google-papped. Lucky it was my wife I was out with that day ;)

Inspirational stuff from one of the masters

The Design Museum is generally a good way to spend an hour or two, and will often provide a little bit of inspiration or extra motivation. Their current exhibition about Richard Rogers Architects is one the of the best they've had for a few years - full of incredible architectural models and renderings of some of the world's most impressive structures.

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Blogging - social phenomenon or cultural niche for idiots?

I had a pretty weird night last night. My wife and I went along to an event at the London Word Festival, ostensibly a comedy night themed around technology featuring comedians who blog. There were some good names there, particularly Richard Herring and Simon Munnery, and having been to see Saul Williams and le Sac vs Pip the night before, we were ready for a good night.

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Where's the emergency Sex Pistols when you need it?

I don't know if it is a sign of getting older, but I am finding myself getting increasingly hacked off with the gangs of kids on buses, listening to loud music through the speakers of their mobile phones.

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The new London 2012 brand

I'm not really sure what to think of the recently unveiled new logo for the London 2012 Olympic games. The official view is that "The new emblem is dynamic, modern and flexible". When I first saw it, I thought it looked fractured and chaotic.

To be fair, I suppose its resemblance to a Grimsby Street tag gives it some urban edginess, but the promotional video looks like the opening credits to an eighties children's television show to me. You remember - back when we encouraged children to be active and before we'd sold off all their playing fields to property developers.

Help - London Underground can predict my movements

A very disturbing email has just dropped into my inbox, informing me of an upcoming tube closure:

"On Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 May, Camden Town station will be closed for essential modernisation work. During this closure, you will not be able to enter or exit Camden Town station, however, you will be able to change branches of the Northern line if required."

This is all well and good, but made quite scary by the fact that I had just finalised the details of a meeting with a client in Camden, on the 8th. I work from home. I probably use the tube about 5 times a month. How in the hell did they know I'd be wanting to use Camden Town tube that day?

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