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Our latest project with Sheppard Robson gets some press

The current issue of Construction Industry News (Feb 09) includes a great interview with Nick Dunn, IT Manager for Sheppard Robson. In the interview, Nick goes into some of the background behind the intranet we built for Sheppard Robson, and explains its impact:

"We have a dedicated team of seven IT and CAD management personnel across our three offices and in terms of our most significant recent developments we have just launched a new company intranet, which was a major project that we were able to deliver on time and to budget."

"In terms of the motivation behind this initiative, when I joined in August 2007 the company's intranet was looking a bit tired and was being underused but since the overhaul our members of staff have been able to keep track of all of the latest developments and the communication streams within the group are now very much improved."

"One of the other key drivers behind the project was to incorporate a search engine that could help us to tap into the wealth of technical information that we have on the site and the feedback we have had since going live with this has been fantastic."

- Construction Industry News, February 2009, p73

Sheppard Robson intranet launched

After an intense summer, the Sheppard Robson intranet has launched and is now available to all client employees. Available in a standard web browser, content authors need no technical knowledge or specialist software, meaning the maintenance of important company information will become much easier.

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Northdoor website and CMS launched

After months of hard work, we are very happy that Northdoor's new website and its supporting CMS are up and running. The clean and professional visual design is supported by standards-compliant coding, integration with and RSS.

The CMS is pretty clever too, supporting unlimited hierarchical pages, granular administrator permissions, full versioning and rollback, image management, microsites and all sorts of other modern time-saving devices.

We look forward to seeing how the new system will help the site grow, and hope Northdoor's users will reap the benefits of all the team's hard work.

All systems go for Northdoor

We are delighted to have just been given the green light to start work on specifying and delivering a bespoke CMS for Northdoor. Creativity have produced some cracking designs, and we look forward to doing the client justice with a slick CMS and some web standards magic.

New Exchange integration capabilities

One of the new features introduced in the latest version of Adobe Coldfusion product is integration with Microsoft Exchange. This week, we took the plunge with this new capability and within a few hours had hooked up a client's intranet-based CRM system with their Exchange server.

This means that tasks assigned to staff in the CRM system automatically appear in the person's Outlook task lists. They can then tick the task as completed in Outlook, and the CRM system is automatically updated. We're hoping that allowing people to use existing task management tools will improve the penetration of the CRM application, and look forward to doing more work with this excellent new functionality.

New CRM system rolled out

We're pleased to announce that the final installation of the Sheppard Robson CRM application went well and the system is now up and running on the client's intranet.

The application scrutinises some of the ideas we have used in previous developments and strips them down to produce a very simple yet powerful interface that is seamlessly integrated with the client's existing systems. We're looking forward to seeing how the initial stages of real-world usage progress. Fingers crossed!

Major new CMS launched

After months of hard work, the new Content Management System (CMS) for the Arup website has launched.

We have rebuilt the entire system from the ground up, making the most of recent advances in server technology and web standards. The new system gives Arup a strong foundation to move the site forward and has dramatically reduced the site's bandwidth requirements.

Dusting off the fat felt-tipped pens

We are proud to be working with the leading architects Sheppard Robson on ideas for a bespoke application to improve their client relationship management. It is always exciting to be collaborating with professionals in the creative industries, and we look forward to a fruitful relationship.

CRM solution nearly there

Our bespoke contacts & events management system for Arup is nearing completion. The simple, intuitive web-based interface is proving an effective way to browse and administer the thousands of records that the system is capable of holding.

Old Arupians website launched

The website for the Old Arupians community has been live for a few weeks now, and has already proved to be a hit with its members. We're looking forward to seeing how the community uses the new tool and hope we can continue to help it flourish.

Vector space presentation

Many thanks to those of you who braved a cold January evening to see Matt and Alistair's presentation at the UK Coldfusion User Group. Matt's presentation on the theory behind Latent Semantic Indexing is available here. We also do weddings, hen nights and children's parties.

Arup Collateral launched

The Arup collateral store and branded products shop is now live on the Arup intranet and being used by Arup staff around the world. This interesting project mixes new web thinking (social tagging, web services) with tried and tested retrieval techniques (hierarchical classification, "see also" discovery) to good effect. An enjoyable and rewarding experience all round.

Award for innovation

Many congratulations to our old colleagues at Headshift for winning the "Innovation in Knowledge Management" award at the 2005 International Information Industry Awards. Matt worked on the NIMHE Knowledge Community in its early stages, before passing the technical baton to the obscenely talented Alistair Davidson. It's always nice to get some official recognition for your hard work.

New art visualiser

Visualiser screenshotWe enjoy playing with new toys, and the latest release of Flash is great fun. The dynamic shadowing finally gave us the tools to produce something we've been planning for a while - an art visualiser that lets you see what different works of art look like in-situ.

We've posted a demo on the Gallerysmith demonstration website - go to the art section and click the visualiser link on the right hand side. Then pick a room and see what different art looks like on the wall. It gives a nice idea of the scale of each work, and could be a funky addition to some lucky art gallery's website... NB - If you do not have the latest Flash Player installed, the visualiser will ask you to go and download it first.

A happy return

We're very excited to be working with Arup, the global engineering consultancy, on a couple of intranet applications. Having worked with Arup in the dim and distant past, it's great to hook up with old friends and we'll hopefully bring a fresh perspective to things.

Gallerysmith demonstration website

We have put together a website for a fictional art gallery that gives a live demonstration of our Gallerysmith system. Visit the site and have a browse round, then follow the instructions to log in to the content management interface and see how easy it is to administer. We hope you like it - if you want a full demonstration, please get in touch.

Gallery Different website launches

The Gallery Different went live in time for the very enjoyable Art Fortnight London event and was well received on the night. The website uses our Gallerysmith CMS platform, so Karina and James can update content and manage images themselves. David's work is stunning, and we think that the new website shows it off to great effect.

Associative Trails is born

Have just got the confirmation from the accountant that the company has been formed and all the relevant documents lodged with whoever it is that cares about this kind of thing. And so it begins.

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