Blogging - social phenomenon or cultural niche for idiots?

I had a pretty weird night last night. My wife and I went along to an event at the London Word Festival, ostensibly a comedy night themed around technology featuring comedians who blog. There were some good names there, particularly Richard Herring and Simon Munnery, and having been to see Saul Williams and le Sac vs Pip the night before, we were ready for a good night.

When the compere, a fella called Matthew Crosby, stood up and asked if any of the audience kept blogs, I broke one of my own rules and raised my hand. Having spent some toe-curling nights sat at the front of comedy gigs that had friends on the bill, being forced to "interact" with those on stage isn't my cup of tea. I don't know why I felt the need to pipe up.

Anyway, he asked what I blogged about. I said "Web Standards". Dunno why I picked on that particular aspect of the melange of stuff that goes on at this URL, but there you go. Anyway, web standards aren't the kind of thing that butters the average spoken word festival-goers muffin, so he quickly moved on. Phew. I at least managed to namecheck the site, and all publicity is good publicity, I guess. Other bloggers in the audience included a sustainability champion, a lady who writes Haiku about Japan and a techie/artsy/dataviz type.

Anyway, I thought that would be that and got on with enjoying the rest of the show. Trouble is, I'd broken cover hadn't I? At the next interval, the very considerate and jovial gentleman that was filming the event decided he'd ask me a few more questions. On camera. This hasn't yet appeared on the web, and I wouldn't let anyone know if it did.

Nor did the fun and games end there. At the end of the night I was called to the stage to appear in what seemed to be a competition for ginger blokes with beards. I didn't win.

I'm not sure what this whole experience says about blogging - whether it is now acceptably mainstream or still the preserve of the type of people who are stupid enough to pipe up at comedy gigs. I'm just glad its all over.

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