December, and the web geek advent calendar is back

24ways is back again this year, and already has some varied and useful tips and tricks for developer/designers.

I particulary like Drew McLellan's list of things to help smooth the hand-over between design and development:

  • Is the layout fixed, or fluid?
  • Does each element cope with expanding for larger text and more content?
  • Are all the graphics large enough to cope with an area expanding?
  • Does each interactive element have a state for with and without JavaScript?
  • Does each element have a state for logged in and logged out users?
  • How are any custom fonts being displayed? (and does the developer have the font to use?)
  • Does each interactive element have error and success messages designed?
  • Do all form fields have a label and each form a submit button?
  • Is your Photoshop comp document well organised?
  • Have you provided flat PDFs of each state?
  • Have you provided a colour reference?
  • Are we having fun yet?

All good things to think about.

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