Inspirational stuff from one of the masters

The Design Museum is generally a good way to spend an hour or two, and will often provide a little bit of inspiration or extra motivation. Their current exhibition about Richard Rogers Architects is one the of the best they've had for a few years - full of incredible architectural models and renderings of some of the world's most impressive structures.

It was cool to see the Bordeaux Law Courts were presented. I was lucky enough to do some work on this one and being inside the court rooms themselves remains one of the most incredible architectural experiences of my life. I particularly enjoyed some of the documents in the exhibition - it's really weird looking at concept and scheme design proposals for iconic buildings like the Pompidou Centre or Lloyd's of London.

SketchingIt also reminded me of something that I used to take for granted in building design, but I rarely come across in the web. The thing about buildings this big is that they are complicated. Luckily, architects and engineers quickly become very adept at explaining pretty involved ideas with sketches. It was really nice to see some high-quality visual communication.

However, for me the real star of the show was actually a presentation method that I have never seen before. It was essentially an animated plan diagram of an urban planning scheme that was animated to show building usage, travel links, services, sun shading, etc. What really set it out was it being presented on a horizontal flat display, with the buildings being represented in 3d by transparent glass blocks. When these things light up or seem to cast shadows, it really is very impressive stuff. I shot a grainy video of it, but it really doesn't do it any justice at all. I would recommend anyone making a trip to see this superb exhibition.

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