Where's the emergency Sex Pistols when you need it?

I don't know if it is a sign of getting older, but I am finding myself getting increasingly hacked off with the gangs of kids on buses, listening to loud music through the speakers of their mobile phones.

Putting aside the public noise issues and the awful sound quality of the tinny little speakers, what worries me most is the choice of tunes. These kids aren't playing anti-establishment expressions of teenage alienation. This isn't some kind of rebellious activity to stick two fingers up to the adults that repress them. Oh no, they're listening to the latest bland excuse for a worldwide smash hit. Half the time, there's not even any decent swearing involved. It often takes a good thirty seconds to work out that they're actually playing music, rather than just being slow to answer their phone that is currently sporting the latest Jay-Z produced-worldwide-smash-hit ringtone.

Surely, there's some kind of technical answer to all this. Most phones have music players and bluetooth now, can't we just have a "toothjack" or "bluegrab" button on our own phones, to replace their public dirges with some emergency Sex Pistols? At least these kids will then be given a proper sense of what it is to rebel against an unjust system, rather than be tranquilized by repetitive generic music. Or we could fight them at their own game with some Dan & Scroob. History will thank us.

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