Ellipse Website and CMS

The challenge

Ellipse, an insurance company offering group life and disability cover, have invested heavily in technology to streamline the process of obtaining group life quotes and employee insurance.

Having worked with Ellipse on aspects of their quotation system, they approached us to help make their public-facing website as slick as their interfaces for their clients and IFAs.

The solution

The Content Management System (CMS) we built to administer the public-facing website provides Ellipse staff with a clean and intuitive interface that requires no technical knowledge or training but retains enough power and flexibility to keep the website fresh and pertinent. Key features include:

“The CMS is a doddle to use.”

Peter Fenner, Communication Manager, Ellipse

  • A Microsoft Word-style rich text editor to write page body text.
  • Automatic optimisation and resizing of images, saving time and expense on specialist image editing software and training
  • The ability to set up microsites for specific territories or campaigns via a simple web form
  • Publisher approval workflows with email alerts
  • Content publication scheduling and expiry
  • The ability to specify page review dates to ensure content is regularly reviewed
  • Full versioning and rollback
  • The ability to manage and embed YouTube videos and Wufoo forms directly in managed web pages
  • Management of fundraising campaigns
  • Embedded link integrity checking
  • Integration with Google Analytics for sophisticated site usage statistics
  • Responsive design techniques enable clear rendering on devices with a range of screen sizes
  • Public-facing web forms help speed up claims procedure - PDF forms are automatically generated with user input

The outcome

The main priority was to find a way that Ellipse staff could easily maintain and update the content of their public-facing website.

Certain aspects of the functionality, such as the management of charity fundraising campaigns and automated generation of PDF forms, are highly specific to Ellipse's processes and have helped save time and improved customer services.

Technologies used

Adobe Coldfusion, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, URL Rewriting, Responsive design, automated PDF generation.

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