Gallerysmith is a content and customer relationship management system for art galleries. The secure, web-based interface allows galleries to administer all the content and customer interactions on their website with the minimum of technical knowledge.

“The new website will save me at least two hours a day.”

Karina Phillips, Gallery Different

Highlights include:

  • Full edit control over news, press, exhibitions, works and artist pages via a simple Microsoft Word-style rich text editor. No technical skills or specialist software required.
  • Automatic optimisation and resizing of images. Saves time and expense on image editing software and training.
  • Bespoke website front-end design
  • Track user registrations and enquiries. User "private view" functionality allows galleries to promote specific works to specific customers.
  • Newsletter authoring, emailing and automatic PDF generation for printed newsletters
  • Full website usage statistics in real time
  • High quality printed output via separate print stylesheets
  • Content scheduling with free choice of content publish and expiry dates
  • Granular administrator privileges for total security and editorial signoff workflows
  • Automatic currency conversion for published prices

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If you would like to know more, please read "Five reasons to choose Gallerysmith" (PDF document, 1.4 Mb) or contact us to organise a live demonstration with no obligation.

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