Scott Brownrigg App for iPad and iPhone

The challenge

Having issued shiny new iPads for senior staff, architects Scott Brownrigg wanted to equip each one with a portfolio of their award-wining work that could be demonstrated anywhere.

With over 200 projects, 850 high resolution photographs and a desire to see all the projects on a single map, the portfolio needed to marshall a large amount of data in a user-friendly and responsive manner, taking advantage of the iPad's large screen but also being usable on the smaller iPhone device.

The solution

Having prototyped in HTML5, we decided to implement as a native App for iPad & iPhone to maximise speed and allow it to be used when no data connection was available. The "halo effect" of having the App available on the iTunes store was also a very desirable feature for the client.

The final App includes the latest company news, interesting research and information about over 250 projects split into lists based on sector and service. Most projects have brief descriptions, quantitative data, multiple photographs and geographical locations. Projects are individually and group-plotted on maps - the "Projects near me" plot show the closest projects to the device's current location.

The iPad version has a dashboard interface that displays an overview of all the news, research and project lists. The larger screen size allows the display of full metadata in project lists and high resolution photographs. The iPhone version cuts down the information displayed in menus and lists to make the App more usable on smaller screens.

All project data is stored locally on the device meaning no data connection is required to use the App. Updates are discretely downloaded in the background, without disrupting the user experience.

The outcome

The portfolio is live on the Apple iTunes App store and is available for Scott Brownrigg employees, potential clients, students, journalists and anyone who is interested to download.

We're pleased to have had some positive user reviews: "Downloaded the app upon recommendation by an employee. I am very impressed by the structure and layout of the application. Furthermore, the content is just right. Not too much information yet not too little. Five stars from me."

Technologies used

Sencha Touch (for prototyping), Objective-C, the iOS SDK & Xcode, XML, Python (for data import), RSS.

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