Sheppard Robson CRM

The challenge

Sheppard Robson, the award-winning architecture practice, already had a sophisticated project and contacts database system they used on a regular basis. However, they felt that a more user-friendly interface would help non-technical staff find information that was important in their day-to-day dealings with clients.

Our brief was to build a usable, web-based interface on top of the existing Planchest installation; with the addition of richer task, event and bid management functionality. A key requirement was to help the management team's strategy and resource planning by giving them quick and easy access to summary information.

The solution

Integrating directly with the existing databases gave us a great deal of flexibilty in how could we display the information, and allowed us to add some helpful new features such as saved searches and user tagging.

“Associative Trails designed and installed a system that both met and exceeded our brief...I would highly recommend them.”

Harriett Hindmarsh, Director, Sheppard Robson

In an effort to make summary information more easily accessible, we used charts and calendar interfaces along with print-optimized summary reports.

A simple privilege system means all company staff can read most of the information, but only those that need edit access are given it. However, information only meant for management can be flagged as "privileged" and is hidden from public view.

The outcome

Harriett Hindmarsh, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Sheppard Robson, explains: "We needed a system that would help us access our business and client information in a useful, logical and efficient way. Associative Trails designed and installed a system that both met and exceeded our brief. We now have a highly efficient, easy to use client management system that performs above and beyond all expectations of a CRM system. I would highly recommend them to any organisation - their listening approach was creative, flexible and intelligent - resulting in a well designed, fit for purpose system used by the whole practice."

Technologies used

Coldfusion MX 7, SQL Server 2005, XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS, AJAX.

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